Why the Hell is Tweetdeck Retweeting A My Little Pony Twitter Account

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If you were sitting around just a minute ago watching the On the Media Twitter feed, you might have seen On the Media retweet this:

The thing is, On the Media didn't initiate this retweet, and it's a safe bet that the nearly 40,000 other accounts who unwittingly retweeted this didn't either. Everyone who noticed this tweet had one thing in common - they were using Tweetdeck to manage their social media accounts. Tweetdeck has yet to explain what happened, only saying that an issue has been resolved.

We'll update this article as information comes in.

Update 1: Users are complaining that Tweetdeck has not resolved the issue and people are still seeing fake retweets in their name. 

Update 2: TweetDeck has taken its services offline to explore the problem.

Update 3: According to some twitter users, they are getting Rickrolled by Tweetdeck error messages. Sure seems like Rickrolling has seen a resurgence in the past couple days

Update 4: Other Twitter users are reporting similarly cheeky/vulgar/infantile error messages:



Update 5: Tweetdeck says it has turned its service back on.

Update 6: Turns out there wasn't any one person doing the hacking on Tweetdeck. From The Verge:

a newly discovered vulnerability in TweetDeck allowed attackers to remotely execute javascript code.

It looks as though @derGeruhn, the twitter user at the top of this post was just the most successful exploiter of this exploit. His most recent conversation is someone talking to him about originating the exploit (tweets translated by WNYC's Ilya Marritz and Studio 360's Sruthi Pinnamaneni):

@LokiMorgenstern: Private thought:  If one had already know that about @derGeruhn, one could have asked him to let #ZKK15 trend up.

@derGeruhn: @LokiMorgenstern Had I known that things would go so crass, I would have packed the alert with news/messages that were more fun.


And now we know the story behind the tweetdeck hack, thanks to CNN Money. It's an interesting story. Check it out.