Why A Bloody Mary Gets A Beer Chaser In Wisconsin

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If you order a Bloody Mary in Wisconsin, you'll probably also get a beer — for free — to "chase" the drink. Chasers aren't always as large as those served at the White House in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood. (Ann-Elise Henzl/WUWM)

The Bloody Mary is a weekend brunch staple.

The vodka and tomato juice drink has become known for its garnishes, which can tower over other cocktails. You can find celery sticks, of course, in your glass. But also pickles, olives, shrimp, even sliders these days. And if you order a Bloody Mary in Wisconsin, you get something else — a beer chaser.

Ann-Elise Henzl (@aehenzl) from Here & Now contributor Milwaukee Public Radio explains the phenomenon.

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