For Whom the Bells Toll


From the multi-ton carillon to a tricycle bell, hear songs featuring bells, or about bells on this New Sounds. Listen to a song that reworks "Bicycle Built for Two" from Tin Hat, and a work from the group ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble) playing music by Nathan Davis.  Hear music by Pantha du Prince in collaboration with the Norwegian percussion ensemble the Bell Laboratory, involving a bell carillon, a three-ton instrument comprised of 50 bronze bells and operated using a keyboard.

There’s also music from the earliest days of New Sounds, with improvisations for Tibetan bells by Henry Wolff & Nancy Henning, along with music by the Montreal-based five-piece instrumental band Belle Orchestre (who share some members with Arcade Fire.)  Plus Frances-Marie Uitti and Paul Griffiths make music with words spoken by Ophelia from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” about bells, without bells being seen or heard.  That, and more.

PROGRAM #3422, For Whom the Bells Toll (First aired on 1/23/2013)                                       





Pantha du Prince with the Bell Laboratory

Elements of Light

Spectral_Split, excerpt [1:00]

Rough Trade #RTRAD 645

Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings

Tibetan Bells

White Light [2:15]

Vajra Music #0001
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Frances-Marie Uitti & Paul Griffiths

there is still time

the bells [2:44]

ECM #1882

Bell Orchestre

As Seen Through Windows

Icicles – Bicycles [6:14]

Arts & Crafts A&C 041

Tin Hat

The Sad Machinery of Spring

Daisy Bell [4:58]

Hannibal Records 1524
Available at or iTunes

ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble)

the Bright and Hollow Sky

Nathan Davis: Like sweet bells jangled [10:36]

New Focus - #120

Pantha du Prince with the Bell Laboratory

Elements of Light

Spectral Split [17:36] Quantum [4:41]

Rough Trade #RTRAD 645