How Far Have We Come a Year After Stop and Frisk Ruling?

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One year ago, a federal judge ruled that the New York City Police Department regularly violated the constitutional rights of minorities through its misuse of stop and frisk. In her 195-page decision, Judge Shira Scheindlin found that too often, officers were making illegal stops and city officials had encouraged the practice through “deliberate indifference” and “indirect racial profiling.”

Since last summer, street stops have continued to plummet, another judge was installed to oversee the case, a new mayor is in city hall, and policing controversies are still making headlines.

"This remains a really important case," said Fordham Law School Professor Ian Weinstein. "It paints a really vivid picture in what appears to have been pretty widespread unconstitutional conduct on the streets of New York City."

Weinstein spoke with WNYC's Kerry Nolan.