When Will New York's Bike Share Expand? "Not Ready to Say Yet."

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Citibikes parked in front of The Apple Store in midtown Manhattan.

Towards the end of his recent interview with new NYC transportation commissioner Polly Trottenberg, Brian Lehrer asked the question that Citi Bike's 96,000+ members all want to know: when will the system expand?

Here was Trottenberg's response.

After confirming her bona fides ("Yes, I am a Citi Bike fan, I've gotten to ride. Admittedly there's been a lot of snow on the ground, so not as much as I want to, but hopefully now that it's melting, I'll get to be out there more), she hinted at an expansion without providing any specifics.

"Yes, we are sitting down with the Citi Bike folks and looking at what might be phase 2, so to speak," she said. "The mayor, as you know, has said that he's very interested in expanding the program to other boroughs, and certainly, I've been talking to members of the City Council and there's a lot of enthusiasm for doing that."

Brian asked if she could provide any specifics about where—and when—more bikes might appear.

"Well, not ready to say yet," said Trottenberg, "but obviously, our goal is to expand this to other parts of the city in the long run."

Listen to the conversation below.