What is Your Work Worth?

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Work makes up such a large part of our identity. Our work determines how we spend most of our days, the people we spend our time with, the kind of lifestyle we can afford, and it influences our fundamental sense of who we are. 

A lot of that definition, of course, also has to do with how much we're paid. We asked listeners: Putting aside your salary, how do you measure the value of your job? Now, based on that value, are you compensated fairly?

Bruce from Tallahassee, FL had this response: "As a judge, I make momentous decisions that affect peoples' lives and livelihoods. I protect people from improper behavior from others. My job really has significant value. I'm compensated at a lower rate because I am a state employee, but I suppose it's fair enough."

What is "fair enough"—and how does it shape our feelings about our work and our worth?  

Al Gini, a professor of Business Ethics at Loyola University’s School of Business Administration and resident philosopher at WBEZ, has dedicated much of his career to understanding the value of work. He’s also the author of “My Job My Self." He joins The Takeaway to discuss how we determine the value of our jobs and what it really means to be "well-compensated."