Airbnb to NYC Hosts: Keep Calm and Be As Vague As Possible

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New York Airbnb hosts are caught in an uncomfortable situation right now.

The company’s fight with the New York Attorney General continues, and no one knows how it'll resolve. (Most recently, New York threatened Airbnb over millions of dollars in taxes it says the company owes.)

So what should hosts do in the meantime? A friend of mine rents out her and her boyfriend's Brooklyn apartment on the site, but lately she's stopped responding to emails from guests because she's nervous about the legality. 

Her account was temporarily suspended, so she emailed Airbnb to reactivate it. She also asked the customer service rep a question a lot of users probably have. What am I supposed to tell my guests if they're worried about your massive, unresolved legal case? Here was the response:

As far as what you should tell guests, I would try to be as vague as possible and not try to concern them, just in case they do end up staying at your listing and everything becomes fine. Unless the guest specifically asks about the legalities, I don't see why it should be relevant.