Wes Craven’s Winner: Studio 360’s Scary Short Film Fest

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We asked you to create 30-second horror films. Our judge, the filmmaker Wes Craven, gave you the theme “young genius.” We got more than 300 movies — from Canada, Italy, England, and all over the United States. Some are funny, most are scary — a few, so creepy we couldn’t watch them twice. (Watch all the submisisons here.)

“I was really impressed and entertained by all that I saw,” says Craven. “There was a great amount of imagination and sophistication in these.” He tells Kurt Andersen that they compare favorably to the entries he judged for the movie-making reality TV show Project Greenlight.



...Jack — by Jake Jarvi in Chicago, Illinois
“Slick in the best sense of the word,” Craven says. “Very well-lit, very well-conceived. Very, very powerful and unsettling.” Jarvi’s day job is making videos for a fashion magazine — on the side, he makes the web serial PoPS. “Jack-in-the-boxes just by their nature are meant to torture children!” he says. “They’re one of the scariest things you can put in front of a kid, so I always kind of carried that with me.”



A Boy and His Robot. — by Tim in Cleveland, Ohio
“Chilling, economical, and well done,” Craven says. Kurt agrees: it’s his favorite entry.


Those We Love — by Alex in Los Angeles, California
“A tight concept, good acting, even on the part of the boy, good cinematography, and an economical and clear set-up,” Craven says.

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