Wes Craven

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Wes Craven

Master of suspense, Wes Craven has been orchestrating horror for more than four decades. It began with “The Last House on the Left” (1972), continued with Freddy Krueger and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984), and went mainstream with the “Scream” series (beginning in 1996).

Host Kurt Andersen talked to the late, great filmmaker in 2014 about making movies that defined American horror. 

That year, we also asked listeners to send us 30-second horror movies for Studio 360's Scary Short Film Fest. Some were funny, most were scary — a few, so creepy we couldn’t watch them twice. Wes Craven generously played judge. You can watch the finalists and hear him talk to the winner here

Music Playlist

  1. Beast Finds beauty

    Artist: Tomandandy
    Album: The Hills Have Eyes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Label: Lakeshore Records
  2. Dewey in the Morning

    Artist: Marco Beltrami
    Album: Scream 4 (Music From the Dimension Motion Picture)
    Label: Varese Sarabande