We're Turning One, Getting #Storied, And Listening To Johnnyswim At SXSW!

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Story by story NPR brings you the world, through great storytelling and rigorous reporting. Whether it's news, arts and cultural programming, or music, the art of storytelling lies within our foundation.

As a passionate and growing community of NPR fans, we at Generation Listen are handing over the mic to you – our communty – to share your personal experiences and reveal how a series of "I" stories can connect us in curious and unexpected ways.

Can we find the common strands that knit together our singular experiences? Every story told is a new way to look at the world.

As we mark our one year anniversary as Generation Listen, we're celebrating with a storytelling event on Sunday, March 9, unlike anything you've seen before:

#Storied. Four storytellers. Seven minutes. One shared experience.

Hosted by Matt Thompson, NPR's Director of Vertical Initiatives (and Mischief), #Storied will be an intimate gathering showcasing ideas through four very different lenses.

  • Jesse Thorne, host of Bullseye
  • Adam Braun, Founder of Pencils of Promise
  • Erica Berger, freelance journalist and founder of CatchPool and Mileage
  • Anneke Jong, entrepreneur, storyteller, and creative strategist at the Google Creative Lab

Following our inaugural story slam will be an acoustic performance by sounds of Johnnyswim.

Meet our storytellers below and follow along @NPRGenListen. Video highlights from this event will be posted here, so check back with us!

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