Wendell Pierce of 'The Wire' Reflects on Baltimore's Real-Life Struggle

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The nation watched in horror this week as riots broke out in the streets of Baltimore following a funeral service for Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African-American man who died after suffering a spinal cord injury when he was taken into police custody earlier this month.

The damage is done, but the unrest tells a bigger story. Virtually no show in the history of television has better captured the complicated, desperate, broken, utterly entrenched, and down right dirty realities of Baltimore than HBO's "The Wire."

As William "Bunk" Moreland on "The Wire," Wendell Pierce lived and worked in Baltimore for years. Click on the audio player above to hear Pierce reflect on the fictionalized world of "The Wire," and the real-life problems facing the city today.

Editor's Note: Check out an extended interview with Pierce here.