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Airs Thursday, April 2 at 9pm on 93.9FM

What do we talk about at Passover? Slavery, plagues, food, and of course all the unforgettable stories from Seders past. In this Passover special,  we’ve got all that and more, with hosts Sara Ivry and Jonathan Goldstein, and stories from Etgar Keret, Sally Herships, Debbie Nathan, Michael Twitty, and Jonathan Groubert.

Hear about the narrative strengths and weaknesses of the Passover story, ending with an animated discussion of the 10 plagues. Then, a journey into the home of Abigail Rosenfeld, one of Brooklyn’s “lice ladies,” the women (usually Orthodox Jews) who make a living helping desperate parents rid their schoolchildren of this “plague.”

This American Life's Debbie Nathan learns that her Southern Jewish great-great-grandparents owned slaves in Mississippi. Michael Twitty, a Washington, D.C.-based food historian and Jewish educator, talks about how he’s adapted one of Passover’s symbolic rituals to reflect his ancestors’ slave history. And radio journalist Jonathan Groubert recounts the old-school joke his dad used to tell at the Seder year after year.