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It should probably come as no surprise that there’s a corner of Vine where teens post videos of equestrian competitions. And yet, I was surprised to find out yesterday that there is a corner of Vine where teens post edited videos of equestrian competitions.

What I’ve been calling Horse Vine (Equine Vine is not a better term) is basically Vines of horse-jumping and dressage competitions, usually heavily edited, set to music. Some have descriptive names, like Horse Vines, while others are more like ♬Addicted To Equine♬ or ♡FallOutHorse♡. The music varies widely, but there's a lot of Trap. Some posters use videos of themselves, but more often they’re using videos from elsewhere. Some accounts have a handful of followers, some have thousands, at least one has more than 25,00.

This is my favorite horse vine:

There’s not a great deal to say about Horse Vine. It’s (mostly) teens trying something out and putting it online. What makes it interesting, or at least refreshing, is what a lot of the now hyper-examined teen internet interesting: it’s at once very honest and very constructed. We’re talking about heavily edited videos appended with captions like “Health class boredom” and hacked accounts are returned with apologies.

If that sounds credulous, it is: they still desperately want followers, but at least they’re usually honest about it.