Weekend Staff Picks: Winter, Paris & Phil Collins

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Here are some of the events our staff members are checking out on this winter weekend.

LIZ WEBER, pledge drive producer: Liz has been busy this season since she loves cold sports. This weekend, she and her friends will rent a car and head up to Clarence Fahnestock State Park in the Hudson Valley to cross country ski on the 15 kilometers of groomed trails. 

AMY EDDINGS, WNYC host All Things Considered: Amy is yearning to check out Paris in springtime at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the 19th century works of Charles Marville are being shown in the exhibit Charles Marville: Photographer of Paris. "He took photos of its winding medieval streets as well as its big, new, grand boulevards and I just want to be transported," said Amy.

MANOUSH ZOMORODI, host New Tech City: With two young children, Manoush recommends a blockbuster hit movie that is all the talk in the playgrounds: The Lego Movie. But she also has an off-the-beaten-path suggestion for adults: "It's Phil Collins day, and they have a Facebook page, and they will be celebrating in Brooklyn with irony, of course." Another event marking Phil Collins day is in Far Rockaway, and you can get more information here.

Liz Weber, pledge driver producer, loves winter sports. (Matt Slifkin)