This Week in Politics: Chris Christie’s Former Advisor Goes for Clinton

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Governor Chris Christie holds press conference on the Transportation Trust Fund on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This week, Maria Comella, a former top aide to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a woman credited with helping to orchestrate the governor’s rise in national politics, announced she will be voting for... Hillary Clinton.

Her defection adds another name to the list of prominent Republicans who have gone on record saying they won’t be voting for Donald Trump in November.

For Christie, who is now chair of Trump’s transition team, her announcement could be another indication of the cost of hitching his wagon to the controversial candidate.

This week, Darnell Moore, writer and host of The Movement on and Bergen Record Columnist, Charles Stile join host David Furst to talk about Republicans supporting Clinton—and what Comella's announcement means for Christie. Without a Trump victory in November, Stile sees a tough road ahead for the New Jersey governor. He says Christie “will go down in the eyes of the surviving establishment as one of Trump’s enablers—if not the most visible enabler.”