Week In The News: The Trump Inauguration

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President-elect Donald Trump arrives during the 58th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

A busy week in the news as we count down to the Inauguration.  We’ll have live reports from Washington and perspective from across the country.  Our weekly news roundtable takes on Inauguration Day.

Never before. Never before has a U.S. president taken office without ever having served a day in military service, in elected office. But that is the news this week, on Inauguration Day for Donald J. Trump. More Cabinet nominee hearings all week. Big questions on money, on plans for change. Reports of an FBI-led investigation into Trump team Russia connections. And above all, Trump. Flying in. Ready to put his hand on the Bible. This hour On Point,  Inauguration Day and a week in the news. — Tom Ashbrook


Stephen Henderson, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial page editor of the Detroit Free Press. Host of Detroit Today on member station WDET. (@SHendersonFreep)

Gerald Seib, Washington bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal. (@GeraldFSeib)

Lisa DesJardins, correspondent for the PBS Newshour. (@LisaDNews)

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst. (@jackbeattynpr)

From Tom’s Reading List

Detroit Free Press: Heart of President Barack Obama’s legacy is true change — “Legacy is an odd construct, an attempt to define hindsight in real time. And it’s even odder to fathom the legacy of an American president. Because he wields sweeping power over the nation’s most complex and intractable decisions, it’s all but impossible to truly understand such a legacy until long after the officeholder has vacated the office.”

The Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump Explains Why He Twists Businesses’ Arms — “President Theodore Roosevelt used to describe a good operating style this way: ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’ In dealing with American businesses, President-elect Donald Trump’s operating style might be described this way: ‘Speak loudly enough and everybody will get the message.'”

NPR News: Trump’s Washington Hotel Draws Protesters — And Ethics Concerns — “On Friday, when Donald Trump puts his hand on a Bible and takes the oath of office, he may very well be in violation of a lease on one of his premier hotels. The Trump International Hotel is a grand dame of a building on Pennsylvania Avenue, just a stone’s throw from the White House. It has become something of a tourist destination in Washington — and a rallying point for protesters — since Trump won the election. This week, they snarled traffic in front of the hotel, and one demonstrator suffered serious burns after trying to set a fire outside the building.”

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