Week 12 Wrap: Is Trump Still Focused on 'America First'?

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This week on Indivisible we explored the notion of one of President Trump's top campaign priorities -- the notion of focusing Washington's attention to "America First." But in his 12 weeks in office, foreign affairs have taken on a major role in the Trump administration.

Hosts Kai Wright and John Prideaux started the week with a deeper look at the U.S.'s bombing of a Syrian government airbase.

Nick in Philadelphia wonders if Trump needed to act on Syria so soon into his presidency.

Tuesday's show analyzed the state of race relations in 2017.

On Wednesday host Charlie Sykes asked listeners if they think the Trump administration is too focused on foreign & military policy.

Tom in Connecticut is concerned that Trump is not paying attention to the needs of Americans.

Thursday's show wrapped up the week with a conversation about the future of the shrinking middle class.

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