A Website That Allows You To Make Homer Simpson Disappear Into Any Picture You Wish

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Have you ever had a family photo that you thought could use some sprucing up? Maybe you would like Homer Simpson to slowly back into it and disappear as though the picture were a hedge? Sure, we all would. Well, thanks to modern technology, what was once a dream is now a reality!

With the website homerbacksintothings.com, you can make Homer disappear into a basket of cats!

Or how about a seal?!

What about outer space?!

There's simply nothing that Homer Simpson can't back into! It seems that this site is so popular at the moment it's barely loading, but it's fun as heck to mess around with. And it is our Friday afternoon gift to you. Use it wisely.

Update: Since the site appears to be working again, I made a couple more.

Here's Homer backing into Planet Hllary!

And here he is backing into my co-host, PJ Vogt!