We Read the Candidates' Medical Letters. Here's What We Found.

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Donald Trump releases medical records for the first time to Dr. Oz on The Dr. Oz Show detailing the results of his most recent physical examination (Air Date: Thursday, September 15, 2016)

Over the last week, Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton have both released medical letters from their doctors testifying to their fitness to serve – Trump even appeared on the Dr. Oz show  – but that doesn’t mean we actually know very much about their health.

What we do know: Donald Trump is overweight and taking statins to control his cholesterol. With a body mass index of 29.5 he narrowly escapes a label of “obese” (a BMI of 30 would get that designation). His physician seems fond of cardiac screening tests, though it’s unclear why that is: Trump got a chest X-ray this spring and an echocardiogram in 2014. Neither test is particularly routine. And: Trump appears to be the first presidential candidate to release his testosterone levels: a healthy 441.6.

On Dr. Oz and in his physicians’ letters, Trump went to great length to say how healthy he feels. He said when he looks in the mirror, he feels like he’s “35.” He added that he rarely gets sick, and he doesn’t need a lot of sleep.

Clinton’s medical information also paints the picture of a candidate working hard to project strength. Her doctor doesn’t note the candidate’s height or weight, so it’s impossible to know how her BMI compares to Trump’s. But she has a “calcium score” of zero – that means she has no evidence of heart disease.

Clinton is on blood thinners, however. After two bouts of deep vein thrombosis, it’s possible she’ll be on them for the rest of her life.

Trump record:

Clinton record: