Watch: New Jersey's 2nd Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

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So they meet again.

For the second time this week, those New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial candidates who've raised enough money to qualify for state-matching funds will take the debate stage. This time, it's in a televised event at 8 p.m., co-hosted by NJTV and NJ Spotlight.

The leading candidates include former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy, former U.S. Treasury official Jim Johnson, state Senator Raymond Lesniak, and state Assemblyman John Wisniewski. The primary is June 6 but one recent poll found that 57 percent of New Jersey voters don't know enough about the candidates to form an opinion. 

The moderator of the debate, Michael Aron, is the chief political correspondent for NJTV. He told WNYC's Sean Carlson that he hopes to make the candidates more lively and clear about how they differ from one another politically, after an underwhelming first debate. The biggest distinguishing topic between the four leading candidates so far is how much money they've raised and spent.

Murphy is widely considered to be steamrolling his opponents when it comes to campaign funds, Aron said. The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission released a report this week saying Murphy raised, "nearly four times as much as the other 10 contenders from both parties put together," according to NJ Advance Media. 

After making donations to local party organizations, Murphy secured endorsements from every Democratic county committee in the state. 

The Brian Lehrer Show is holding interviews with the gubernatorial candidates from both parties. So far, John Wisniewski, Jim Johnson, Bill Brennan and Mark Zinna have been on the show. 

You can rewatch Tuesday night's debate below: