Wall Street Swipes Right for Donald Trump

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Bankers and financiers seem to be warming up to the president-elect.

Wall Street never really embraced Donald Trump during the presidential race, directing most of their money and support to Hillary Clinton. Perhaps for good reason — while on the campaign trail,  Trump pledged to get rid of tax loopholes that favor hedge fund managers and even called to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

But now that the election has passed and president-Elect Trump struggles to fill his administration with appointed officials and cabinet secretaries, some people in New York are already getting on-board: Wall Street. You can see it not only in the rising stock market, but in recent comments from leaders of the financial industry.

This week on Money Talking, Sheelah Kolhatkar of The New Yorker and Aaron Elstein with Crain's New York Business discuss Wall Street’s new found love for Trump, and what that could mean for his presidency. 

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