The View from Inside the Glass Cube

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The Apple Store is a special place.
Intimate, exhausting, stressful, and satisfying... working in the Apple Store is far from an ordinary retail job. Especially this week. With Apple-mania sweeping the tech world following the announcement of the new iPhone 6 and a slick new Apple Watch, New Tech City is looking past the hot gadgets and straight at the people sweating away in the glass cube: Apple Store employees.

"We don't have to sell anything... We could put up a vending machine and it would sell itself."

Despite a strict Apple policy against talking to media, even after quitting, four former "specialists" tell us what they think of all the hype and of the people lining up for weeks outside the doors. We've got horror stories, confessions of Apple love, and tips for navigating a product release from the experts. Hint: you don't need to wait in line. 

Quotes from this episode: 

  • On the emotional toll: "I found myself counseling or consoling people twice my age in a way I never thought I would."

  • On how to be good at the job: “When someone comes to you in tears, you just have to be a human.” 

  • On getting the job: "I had to do four interviews. By the 4th one I was ready to tell them to stick it." 

  • On how customers treat them: "If you go to an Apple store, just be nice. Please. That’s it."

  • On the joys: "We couldn’t wait to help people… the most rewarding part of our job was getting to work one to one with people."

  • On the culture: "When you start working at Apple you are just immediately indoctrinated to Apple culture."

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