A Grand Introduction to the Lonely Web

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What does it take to find authenticity on the the Internet?

There are millions of pieces of content floating around the Internet with little or no views, clicks or shares. Maybe some of them are yours.

Welcome to the Lonely Web — a phrase coined by Joe Veix when he wrote about it for Fusion.

On one hand, some of these videos — family parties, business meetings, school projects — feel like they aren't meant to be watched. It can feel exhausting, voyeuristic, even wrong. But at the same time, compared to the over-edited, over-hyped, parts of our lives that we're used to seeing selectively plucked and placed in our feeds, watching videos and scrolling through tweets that no one has seen is exciting: They feel refreshing and honest.

With Joe's help, we made a list of videos that we featured on this week's show, plus a few more. But the real point of this whole shebang is personal exploration. See which parts make you a little uncomfortable, and which feel right. Find things that no one has ever cared about, or even seen before. And (no pressure, only if you want to) tell us about your experience on the Lonely Web.




School Projects:

House Tours:


Stand Up: