VIDEO: Repairing the Sandy-Flooded R Train Subway Tunnel

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What does it take to repair a subway tunnel that was inundated with 27 million gallons of salt water? Watch and see.

The Montague tube, as it's called, was flooded during Sandy. Now it's closed to subway traffic as the MTA rehabilitates it.

In the below video, project manager Jonathan Barnhart is on site, describing the extent of the work. "All of this electrical equipment was underwater," he says, standing in the tunnel. "And we've been tasked with replacing it and restoring all the cabling and connections out on the tracks."

"This entire tunnel and this entire room was flooded under 75 feet of water," Barnhart adds. 

Watch the MTA's video of the rehab work below. Note: 2:14 is when things start to get surreal.