U.S. Begins Second Day Of Airstrikes Against ISIS In Libya

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In this Monday, Aug. 1, 2016 frame grab from video by the Libyan Government Media Office, Fayez Serraj, the head of Libya's U.N.-brokered presidency council, makes a statement on Libyan TV announcing that American warplanes attacked the IS bastion of Sirte on the Mediterranean Sea, in northern Libya. (Libyan Government Media Office via AP)

The U.S. battle against ISIS has expanded with a campaign of airstrikes against the coastal city of Sirte. The first two airstrikes were launched yesterday, and Pentagon sources say the campaign, aimed at breaking the militant group’s stronghold in the region, is expected to continue up to a month.

Here & Now‘s Eric Westervelt talks with NPR security correspondent Phil Ewing about the new campaign.


Phil Ewing, NPR national security editor. He tweets @philewing.

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