America’s Role in the Unfolding Chaos in Iraq

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Iraq Frontline In "Losing Iraq," a 90-minute special premiering Tuesday, July 29, Frontline examines the unfolding chaos in Iraq: How did we get here? What went wrong? And what happens now? (Courtesy of © STRINGER/IRAQ/Reuters/Corbis/PBS)

Two-and-a-half years after the U.S. pulled all its troops out of Iraq—a conflict that is projected to cost America more than $2 trillion dollars—Iraq is once again in crisis, with Islamic extremists gaining ground and a civil war brewing. Michael Kirk talks about the situation, and traces the role of the United States in the country since the 2003 invasion. His new Frontline documentary, "Losing Iraq,"  premieres July 29 at 10 pm on PBS.



Michael Kirk

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Amy from Manhattan

The simple-mindedness of the administration's thinking is just mind-blowing. I'm trying to decide whether to watch tonight--not sure I want to relive those days!

Jul. 29 2014 01:56 PM

The Right asserts that everything in Iraq was a success. Any failures are due to the Democrats in Congress who failed to give W's administration sufficient funds and material to get the job done. Any one who claims otherwise is unamerican.

Jul. 29 2014 01:51 PM

I was against the war but for the surge as we had destabilized the area so, to the point of civil war, but Christopher Hitchens' broader context with the first Gulf War predicating the "long-postponed liberation" of Iraq had made sense to me - albeit not the execution of the war by Haliburton, etc. Saddam Hussein was Stalinist in his running of the country, warring with Iran (yes he was our bastard) and then Kuwait (OK April Glaspie, what was said)... Was it that we hadn't hired locals, instead using Halliburton, and de-Bathification, excluding virtually the whole of society to hold jobs that we failed so in the "Reconstruction" - in short, didn't we win the war but lost the peace?

Jul. 29 2014 01:37 PM
George from exxon gas station

In a nutshell, i feel the USA policy is to destabilize and to keep those nations in turmoil, on edge...its easier to do business that way..easy to bribe,think about it, if i was to whistle blow in a destabilized country, I'd be killed before the new hits the presses. do u think the usa really cares if we spent 2 trillion? Just fire up the printing presses and print some more. the greater powers that i support with my taxes,do destabilize, and always have an option to reinvade, reinvest, arm the rebels, etc...they have options...
right now the greater powers are slowly economically destabilizing greece. why? they want the oil in the seas off crete, under the disguise that they owe billions. the whistle blowers who are complaining in ex-democratic greek parliament, are being locked up in jail, so there voices will not be heard..
Iraq Greece, Libya, Syria,Egypt,Afghanistan,Nigeria are all in same boat...a boat with a gaping hole in it....sad state of affairs...

Even the islamists can be controlled somehow, examples..didn't the ISIS chief recently say that allah didn't command him to fire on Israel...lolol and the nonsense continues..!!!! who knows what kind of deal the great powers did with the ISIS chiefs....probably buying time, stay out of Israel and will let you thrive, till its your turn to be annihilated.

If the world was full stable countries, then the USA would be bored and not have anything better to do..and oil would cost more at the pump...and that would hurt the american economy....

To the Great Powers...Check yourselves, because this tunnel vision you have, will bite you in behind one day, either economically or worse....

Jul. 29 2014 12:06 PM

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