Unionized Fast Food Workers Get a Raise

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Some of New York's only unionized fast food workers are getting a raise.

About 70 employees at three Dunkin' Donuts shops in Penn Station will see a nearly 10 percent increase in pay over three years under their renewed contract. 

The stores are owned by Hudson News, and the workers are represented by the Newspaper Guild of New York.

Guild president Bill O'Meara said the pay increases are important, but so are the contract's other benefits.

"Those folks also have access to paid sick days. They have access to medical plans and retirement plans. So we're very pleased with what we've been able to do for those generally low-paid workers," he said.

The average salary of the workers covered by the contract is $9.28 per hour.

The Dunkin' Donuts employees are not officially part of "Fast Food Forward," an organization pushing to unionize fast food workers.

But advocates said this contract shows that fast food workers can be unionized and enjoy higher wages without hitting the bottom line.