[Unedited] Avivah Zornberg with Krista Tippett

[Unedited] Avivah Zornberg with Krista TippettThis unedited conversation with master of midrash Avivah Zornberg comes from our produced show "Avivah Zornberg — The Transformation of Pharaoh, Moses, and God." With a master of midrash as our guide, we walk through the Exodus story at the heart of Passover. It's not the simple narrative you've watched at the movies or learned in Sunday school. Neither Moses or Pharaoh, nor the oppressed Israelites or even God, are as they seem. As Avivah Zornberg reveals, Exodus is a cargo of hidden stories — telling the messy, strange, redemptive truth of us as we are, and life as it is. See more at www.onbeing.org/program/avivah-zornberg-the-transformation-of-pharaoh-moses-and-god/6258