#3348: "Underground" Music

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Listen to music made in or about the underground – catacombs, cisterns, cellars- on this New Sounds.  There’s music by sax player, percussionist, and a composer for Sesame Street - Ken Field from his release “Subterranea,” recorded in several underground rooms in Roswell, New Mexico.  Ranging from overdubbed saxophones, 'sticks on juice cans, sticks on suitcase' and lots of percussion, the pieces include titles like “Five Saxophones in Search of Meaning” and “Om On the Range.”

Then, listen to “Underground,” a work from Paul Dresher, created and performed on multi-track tape loop system.  Also, there’s music from Mecca Bodega, who appeared in the film “Subway Stories.”  Perhaps there will be enough time to sample something from the soundtrack to the Emir Kusturica film, “Underground” as well.

PROGRAM #3348, “Underground” Music (First aired on 6/8/2012)                                                          





Ken Field


Om on the Range [4:51]

OO Discs OO25
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Mecca Bodega

Subway Stories

Red Shoes [3:49]

Hybrid HY-20005
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Various Artists

Vor Der Flut


Dario Domingues : Spirit of the Wind/ Lilienthal: Flutes of the Amazon [7:01]

Eigelstein ES 2025/26, 2LP import
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Ken Field


Space in a Place [3:59]

See above.

Goran Bregovic


Underground Tango (for the Kusturica film) [5:13]

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Hannis Brown

Severe Insomnia

Imitating Chicago (underground) [6:33]

Lumberton Trading Company LUMB015

The Haissmavourk Choir

The Music of Armenia, Volume 1: Sacred Choral Music

Havoun, havoun (About the bird) [3:59]

Celestial Harmonies 13115

Paul Dresher

Casa Vecchia

Underground [8:00]

Starkland 204

The Deep Listening Band

Troglodyte’s Delight

Trog Arena, excerpt [3:20]

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