An Uncertain Future for Wind Energy in North Carolina

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Development of wind turbines like those pictured here in the Netherlands are up for debate in the U.S.
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In the rural northeastern region of North Carolina, one of the poorest areas of the state, roughly a hundred towering wind turbines are now generating energy for the state's power grid. This wind farm, which started operating last month, is the first in the state.

But what could have been the start of a new era may turn out to be yet another victim of political infighting. Members of the Republican-controlled state Congress sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly earlier this year — they believe that the wind farm shouldn't have been developed in the first place, arguing that the turbines will interfere with signals being sent to and from a nearby military base.

Just how much the wind farms will impact the state's military bases is still up for debate, but at the moment it's clear that wind farm development has reached something of a standstill in North Carolina. Joining The Takeaway to give the full picture on the future of wind energy in the state is Katharine Kollins, president of the Southeastern Wind Coalition.