Two Takes on J.T. Leroy

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Savannah Knoop and Laura Albert in the documentary "Author: The J.T. Leroy Story".

How should we interpret the dramatic rise and fall of literary sensation J.T. Leroy? Two documentaries offer different perspectives. “Author: The J.T. Leroy Story,” directed by Jeff Feuerzeig, profiles the writer Laura Albert who invented the orphaned teenage boy J.T. Leroy, impersonated the character by phone and enlisted her sister-in-law to portray him in public. “The Cult of J.T. Leroy,” directed by Marjorie Sturm, tells the story from the perspective of J.T. Leroy’s unsuspecting friends and associates, who felt betrayed by the elaborate false identity.

— Thom Powers and Raphaela Neihausen


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