Two 12-Year Old Girls Tried to Murder Their Friend and Blamed it On an Internet Meme

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Two young girls in Wisconsin stabbed their friend 19 times, and told police that it was to honor the mythological internet creature The Slender Man.

The full story is here. TLDR spoke to Slender Man's creator, Eric Knudsen, a few months ago, if you want context on the story and mythology behind it all.

Honestly, it feels weird to post this. I'm worried that the implicit message is "In light of this recent tragedy, here's an old episode of ours to listen to." But it feels worthwhile insofar as it provides context for anyone coming freshly to this story. We're also trying to get ahold of Knudsen for comment. Obviously it's not his fault that disturbed people are alleging that his piece of art influenced them, but we'd just like to hear how he's grappling with this awful thing.