Photos Documenting NYC Latino Experience To Be Digitized by Columbia : Slideshow

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Osvaldo Perez/EDLP, circa late 1980s
Protest against drugs by the Hispanic Teacher Association
EDLP Archives, circa 1980s-90s
Small supermarkets and corner delis converted to Bodegas, offering fresh Caribbean fruit, vegetables, and products that catered to Latino families.
EDLP Archive/Circa 1992
After the riots, people of all cultural backgrounds also took to the streets of Washington Heights to call for peace, safety, and justice.
Jose A. Rivera/EDLP, March 10th, 1995
Guillermo Linares (far right), the first Dominican elected to public office in New York (City Council, 1991), speaks at Columbia Universitys Teachers College


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