Tumblr Crowdsources Their Terms of Service

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This is kind of cool, insofar as the words “Terms of Service” and “cool” can sit comfortably in the same sentence. Tumblr just updated their Terms of Service, and as part of the process they allowed users to input their ideas and suggestions via GitHub.

GitHub’s a site built to allow strangers to easily collaborate on coding. You put up the code for your program, and anyone can make contributions. People can also create “forks” -- alternate versions that exist side-by-side with each other.

This isn’t the first time Tumblr’s done something like this. Back in 2012, the last time they updated their ToS, they also asked for user input.

If all of this seems nerdy, boring, and unimportant, well -- only two out of three of those are true. Terms of Service agreements are worth paying attention to because violating one can actually be prosecuted as a criminal act. And it’s worth applauding Tumblr for at least making a gesture toward turning the ToS into more of a conversation between a company and its users.