Tuesday Links: A Reddit Oral History of Gawker, Insurance that Covers Google Glass, and more

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Hello everyone. It's one of those Tuesdays where there's a million interesting things on the internet, none of which particularly need two cents added to them. So without further ado: 

A vision care insurer is going to cover Google Glass. Which is interesting, because it suggests a way that Glass, which right now is super-expensive and only attractive to a subset of the very geeky, could become cheaper and more widely popular.  

Choire Sicha compiled an oral history of Gawker, as told by Redditors. This is very funny, because many redditors loathe Gawker, and so the whole document is just a glorious cacophony of half-truths and total misunderstanding. 

Speaking of Gawker: this transparent example of native advertising is funny, and it did the job of making us click on it.

The FBI busted a company they say promised to steal a specific person's email passwords for you, for instance a spouse you might suspect is cheating. Only sharing this because it makes me realize how many of the big hacking stories are just about money or vandalism, and that there is something compelling about imaging a country of jilted or needlessly paranoid spouses quietly paying for internet hacking detective services. 

Jurassic Park's raptor cage is for sale. If you'd like to buy it for TLDR, it would actually make a nice recording booth.

Lastly, Alex thinks this video is really funny. I think it's harmless but mostly annoying. And that making fun of people who like sports is a cliche of geekery. This debate is tearing our office apart. What do YOU guys think?