Trump's Infrastructure Plan: Just a Tax Cut for the Rich?

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Then-presidential candidate Donald Trump puts on a miners hard hat during a rally, Charleston, WV, May 5, 2016
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In Washington, D.C., there aren't many proposals that have bipartisan support among politicians, but at least on the surface, many lawmakers have backed increased infrastructure spending. It was one of the main campaign promises from President-elect Donald Trump, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had her own infrastructure proposal as well.

Mr. Trump has pledged to make infrastructure policy a priority in his first 100 days as president — he discussed some of the details of his plan in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in late October.

“The American Infrastructure Act leverages public-private partnerships and private investments through tax incentives to spur one trillion dollars in infrastructure investment over the next ten years,” Trump said.

Does that mean this is will be a plan that should earn bipartisan support? Not according to Ronald Klain, who was an adviser to the Clinton campaign. He says that Democrats should hold off embracing Trump's proposal, arguing that it is a tax cut for private investors and does not address the infrastructure construction that is needed most.