Trump's Immigration Order Is 'Un-American,' Rep. Carson Says

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Following the broadcast of this report, Carson's office sent NPR the following statement about his comment regarding racial supremacist groups:

"This assertion was not based on a single statistic or on relative terror threat, but rather an assessment of the current environment. The congressman believes that when looking at relative membership numbers, hateful rhetoric, racially based hate crimes, and fatalities by right-wing organizations, it paints a picture of a larger threat to the safety of Americans and society as a whole. New America has an assessment of deaths from far right wing vs. violent jihadist terrorism. The FBI reported that in 2014, 47% of hate crimes were racially motivated. And the white supremacist group Stormfront has claimed additional interest in their content on the back of Donald Trump's recent comments. Additionally, it is important to remember that many attacks are inspired by an ideology rather than directed by an organization. Just as [the Islamic State] bears responsibility for lone wolf attacks in the United States, so do racial supremacist groups who inspire hate crimes. Taken together, he believes it is reasonable to say that the racial supremacist groups pose a more significant threat."