Truckers Of The High Seas

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The engine crew on board M/V Baltic Breeze troubleshoots a generator problem.

In our globalized world, it only takes a click to buy something from China and have it delivered right to your doorstep. But that product sailed across the ocean on a cargo ship before it got to you.

Over 90 percent of global trade travels across the ocean by ship. In this episode of State Of The Re:Union, stories from the people who live and work on our world's ships. We’ll step on board some of these ships and meet the sailors who work there. Find out what it's like to live for months at sea, isolated with only your co-workers. And when a ship stops in the United States, how do sailors spend the few precious hours they have on shore?

Guest producer Allison Swaim sets off on a year-long journey aboard a ship out of Thunder Bay to learn the stories of these sailors. Then, a crew waits a month at sea to unload a cargo of jet fuel from Italy to Turkey amidst rough weather and incorrect delivery information. Then, more personal stories of these lives once they hit soil. Hear from wives of the New Jersey chapter of American Merchant Mariner Verterans about how they kept their families together while their husbands were away. And learn what seafarers do once they arrive at Port Everglades in Florida.

"Truckers Of The High Seas" is part of State Of The Re:Union's fall season. Listen to last week's episode about the United States justice system, and listen to the first episode of the season about trans families in America.

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