Shrine for Ukraine Draws New Yorkers of All Walks

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Ukrainian-Americans are offering flowers as a tribute to demonstrators killed in Kiev

A shrine in the East Village has become a focal point for people following the news from Ukraine.

With so many sushi restaurants and gelato bars, it's easy to forget that this part of the East Village used to be Little Ukraine. But after more than a half century, Veselka restaurant is still here. And so is Baczynsky Meat Market, where fat red sausages hang in the window.

It's not just Ukrainian-Americans who are flocking to the shrine. On Monday afternoon, Trinidad-born Ewitts Rollocks pulled up in a white van. He was looking for someone to tell him how his church could send money to help a young volunteer nurse who'd been shot in the neck in Kiev. He saw it on TV.

Rollocks said he's employed lots of Ukrainians in his bakery and considers them very dear friends.

“Igor worked for me at my bakery and Oksana work with me at the bakery. And they went back home. And they were never heard from. They kidnapped him. They took him away,” Rollocks said.

Rollocks believes his friend Igor was thrown in jail because he joined the protests. And he's praying to hear from Igor soon.