#3775: With Tribecastan, Live

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For this New Sounds show, the global ensemble TriBeCaStan brings their combination of world, funk, folk- jazz and twisted word-play to our performance studio.  The band is from the invented country of Tribecastan, and plays its own imaginary folk music, in the vein of such innovators as Penguin Café Orchestra or 3Mustaphas3. Members of the band lift instruments from any tradition they want to – like Indian sitar or Turkish bowed lute; or they’ll adapt another tradition’s music for unintended instruments, like playing Arabic music for banjo and augment everything with a solid jazz horn section.  Listen to some of this folk music without boundaries, including new music from their most recent record, “Goddess Polka Dottess,” on which the band travels from India to Ethiopia, to Jamaica and Eastern Europe and back to New York.

See TriBeCaStan at DROM, this Friday September 18, 2015, to open the NY Gypsy Festival


PROGRAM #3775  with TriBeCaStan, live (First Aired 09-17-2015)






Live, September 2015

Trouble in a Fur Coat [4:51]

Repo Rodeo [3:36]

Majestic Ganesh [6:47]

Bangalorious [6:17]

These performances not commercially available.
However, all the tunes appear on “Goddess Polka Dottess”
Evergreene E1 Entertainment - #8802
Pre-order at iTunes and Amazon.com
Due out 9/18/2015

Penguin Café Orchestra

Signs Of Life

Swing the Cat [3:25]

EG Records EEG 50
Most PCO albums are on the EG label and are available online: penguincafe.com

3 Mustaphas 3

Heart of Uncle

Taxi Driver (I Don't Care) [3:40]

Rykodisc #20156. Try Amazon.com

Penguin Café Orchestra

Penguin Café Orchestra

Cutting Branches for Temporary Shelter

EEG 11 

3 Mustaphas 3 feat. Kemo & Sabah Habas

Soup of the Century

Sadilo Mome/Tropnalo Oro [2:48]

Ace Recordings Rykodisk 10195 Reissued on Globe Style and available at Amazon.com