Trey Radel: Florida Congressman, Alleged Cocaine User, Buzzfeed Contributor

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Trey Radel is a Florida Congressman who was charged with cocaine possession today

Weirdly, Radel is also a community contributor to Buzzfeed. He (or his office) have written three pieces.

Two of them are part of a genre of Buzzfeed article that's becoming increasingly common -- politicians gamely using Buzzfeed as one more platform to broadcast their message from. Hence Radel's straightforward essay about why he's a 'hip-hop conservative:' "We got home, and I played the tape. The opening line was 'You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.'" In that same genre is his tiny, cheeky piece about bros who aren't insured under Obamacare. 

More interestingly, Radel's page suggests he possibly just likes using the site. He's written an apolitical listicle, about the 12 strangest items in the Skymall catalogue. And if you flip to his activity page, there's a page worth of his reactions to various Buzzfeed articles. They break down on partisan lines, albeit expressed through the Buzzfeed vernacular. "Ronald Reagan's 31 Most YOLO Moments" rates as WIN and LOL. Obama-related stories are marked FAIL.

His most recent activity is from a week ago, after his cocaine arrest but before the charges were formally filed and made public. Radel rated the essay "What It's Like to Fly Spirit Airlines" as WOOF, LOL, and FAIL. 

There's no larger story here. It's just a weird sidenote. If this had a Buzzfeed-style tag, it would probably just be "Hmm."