TRBQ: What Is This Thing Called Love?

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Why do human beings feel romantic love? What happens to the brains of people who are in love? How can scientifically studying love help us navigate our relationships? In this Valentine's special, Dean Olsher of The Really Big Questions explores where and how "love" is activated in the human brain.

The study of love, a topic once deemed trivial by many leading scholars and psychologists in the '70s, has since become a mainstream topic of discourse. There are many different types of love that activate different parts of the brain: passionate love, romantic love and lust all trigger unique feelings.

Additionally, there are people who believe love was invented, or even that populations outside of western culture are incapable of experiencing it. Psychologists Lucy Brown and Helen Fisher walk us through the advancements in love research, foreshadow what's to come, and lend their insight to the historical exploration of a sensation that, arguably, the entire world seeks to attain.