“Town Hall” and the Tea Party

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Directors Sierra Pettengill and Jamila Wignot discuss their documentary “Town Hall,” which follows two impassioned Pennsylvania Tea Party activists in the lead-up to the 2012 election. They’re determined to restore their version of a theoretically “lost” America, but are faced with complicated, if not contradictory, decisions. It’s playing as part of DOC NYC November 17 and 20 at IFC Center.


Sierra Pettengill and Jamila Wignot

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Wayne Johnson Ph.D. from Bk

If this film is anywhere near as good as Ms. Wignot's brilliant documentary on The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, I can't wait.

Nov. 12 2013 08:33 PM
Bill Pope from Sparta, NJ

It's interesting to hear the Tea Party called "ignorant" - by people who believe that animals have rights, and Chastity Bono is a man.

Nov. 12 2013 01:32 PM
Tony from Canarsie

The beauty part is that public support for the so-called Tea Party is practically nil.

Nov. 12 2013 01:32 PM
antonio from baySide

My feeling is the tea party movement are the same folks who vote constantly against their best interest...(What's the matter with Kansas...)

Did they get to the bottom of that?

Nov. 12 2013 01:16 PM
tom LI

The problem with the Tea party is they really have no true core beliefs that can be effectively voiced and "platformed" and tend to be very naive about economics, commerce, globalization issues, what and where Govt can and should be involved.

Then there's the Koch Bro money!

Plus they are overrun with what can only be called "Gomers" who prefer to rant and rave about commies! Gays and any other villain they can think up!

They really scare true independents, male or female, because they also tend to vote against their best interests so to serve quasi conservatism, and Xtian ideology!

Nov. 12 2013 01:16 PM
Tony from Canarsie

I'm no teabagger, but I would consider angering the shrillish Chris Matthews to be a compliment.

Nov. 12 2013 01:14 PM

The tea party are mostly uninformed, racist and poor-hating people who do not even know what the constitution says. reminiscent of the idiocy of the McCarthy era.

Nov. 12 2013 01:10 PM

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