#3665: With The Touré-Raichel Collective

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The Touré-Raichel Collective

The Touré-Raichel Collective brings together Malian guitar virtuoso Vieux Farka Touré and Israeli pianist and singer Idan Raichel who met by chance at an airport in Europe. Following a concert in Tel Aviv, these friends got together for an impromptu session, producing a magical and creative acoustic global music which crosses boundaries of country, culture and tradition. Their second collaborative record, “The Paris Session” is just out this past September. For this New Sounds, the Touré-Raichel Collective visits the WNYC studio to perform works from their stunning collaborative sessions. 

Also, listen to guitarist Vieux Farka Touré’s album “Mon Pays,” an homage to his Malian homeland, intended to serve as a reminder of the country’s rich culture of music and beauty.  Vieux is the son of Ali Farka Touré, and on the record, his guest kora player is Sidiki Diabate, son of Toumani Diabate. We’ll hear a collaboration featuring the fathers as well. Then, there’s guitar music from South Africa's Derek Gripper - who does arrangements of music from other parts of Africa, especially Mali. And more.

PROGRAM #3665 The Touré-Raichel Collective, live and Malian Music (First aired on 11/24/2014)  





Afel Bocoum, Damon Albarn, Toumani Diabate

Mali Music

Niger [3:53]

Astralwerks #41019
Out of print, although available digitial via Amazon.com or iTunes

Vieux Farka Toure (with Sidiki Diabate)

Mon Pays

Future [4:50]

Six Degrees Records 657036120020

Toumani Diabate & Sidiki Diabate

Toumani & Sidiki

Rachid Ouiguini [4:36]

World Circuit / Nonesuch 542939

Touré-Raichel Collective

Live, WNYC 11/20/14

Phillipa [3:38]
Hodu [4:40]
Alkataou [4:51]

These performances not available. The tracks appear on the record, “The Paris Session.” “Alkataou” appears on “The Tel Aviv Session”

Ali Farka Toure, Toumani Diabate

Ali and Toumani

Ruby [5:55]

Nonesuch 522937

Derek Gripper

One Night on Earth Music from the strings of Mali

Jarabi (Passion) [6:39]

New Cape Records NC11