A Tour of New York City's Never Built Architecture

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Frank Lloyd Wright's design for Ellis Island.

The city New Yorkers and tourists walk through every day was very close to looking completely different on many occasions.

Projects like a giant suspension bridge cutting through the tip of Manhattan, stretching past Governors Island all the way to Red Hook, Brooklyn, or a Midtown airport right along the Hudson River, were close to changing the city's iconic skyline.

never_built_new_york, National_American_Indian_Memorial

"Nothing was as stable or as set in stone as you might think," said Sam Lubell, co-author of Never Built New York, a book that illustrates hundreds of buildings, monuments and other structures that never came to fruition.  

"All of the things that you think of as being iconic New York places known around the world were very, very close to being [absolutely] different."

never_built_new_york, City_of_New_Manhattan

Lubell, who co-authored the book with Greg Goldin, spoke to WNYC's Richard Hake. Click "Listen" to hear the interview.