A Tool To Filter Out All The Sad Parts of Twitter

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Are you bummed because Facebook secretly manipulated your newsfeed to make you sad? Upset by the fracas over what that means for research ethics? Generally depressed because we live in a nightmare world with no meaning? Developer Jonty Wareing has just the tool for you: A Better Place.

A Better Place is a filter that analyzes your Twitter feed and removes all the negative tweets. There’s a Chrome extension that’ll automatically kick in between 7am and 11am, and a bookmarkable version for whenever you’re feeling down.

I really like this. While I rely on Twitter for news of all sorts, there are times when logging in makes me want to go and live in the wilderness somewhere, where my only friend and companion would be a loyal Newfie. But I digress. Even though it’s accomplished through sentiment analysis that’s admittedly bad, it’s nice to occasionally choose to live in an artificially happy version of Twitter, and it might actually make Twitter more bearable the rest of the time.