Tom Brosseau: Gentle Acoustic Folk With A Twist

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Tom Brosseau performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Tom Brosseau is a North Dakota balladeer living in Los Angeles; as such, his bright, close-miked acoustic guitar arrangements are set off by refreshingly contemporary lyrics. "Cradle Your Device," the lead single from Grass Punks -- Brosseau's first solo release in five years -- recalls Dan Bern or John Darnielle with its plainspoken lament for a lover lost in her cellphone. 

Brosseau says he prefers recording at home with a "Radio Shack mic and tape machine," yet his productions are anything but lo-fi. Recorded by Sean Watkins, multi-instrumentalist of the soon-to-reunite trio Nickel Creek, the spare two-guitar, two-harmony mixes sound rich and full. On "Tami," Brosseau conjures a first kiss with what he calls the "ideals of the songwriters of yesteryear: relatable lyrics in three minutes time or less."

Hear Brosseau perform songs from Grass Punks in the Soundcheck studio.


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Set List:

  • "Cradle Your Device"
  • "Love High John The Conqueror Root" 
  • "We Were Meant To Be Together"