Today's Highlights | April 07, 2014

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Indian resident Santoshi Bhumej, the first voter who entered the polling booth to cast her vote, poses after voting in Dibrugarh on April 7, 2014, during national elections.
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Begins at 20:46: The world's largest democracy goes to the polls today. India's elections will run through May 12th, polling 814 million eligible voters. The outcome will have implications throughout the region and the world. Vinod K. Jose, Executive Editor of The Caravan, provides a look ahead.

Begins at 30:09: A ping has been detected in the month long search for Malaysia Flight 370 about 1,000 miles northwest of Perth, Australia. How do recovery workers separate a ping from all of the other noises at the bottom of the Indian Ocean? David Gallo, the director of special projects at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, explains.