Today In Politics: Will Bill de Blasio Let Progressives Down?

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Bill de Blasio, the frontrunner in the city's mayor's race has spent his career as a champion for progressive causes.  And he's used that profile to his advantage in the race.  The Democrat has been leading Republican Joe Lhota by nearly about 40 points or more -- and it's given political observers lots of time to assess the promises de Blasio has made and what kind of mayor he might be, should he win the election on Tuesday. 

Writer and journalist Leslie Savan blogs for the Nation. She wrote about de Blasio's vacillations on issues like pedestrian plazas and what she called his "lackadaisical" efforts to get the developers of the Atlantic Yards project to follow through on promised affordable housing units at the site.

"When you look deep down into the underground of New York politics, there's a lot of deals that are made and compromises that are made. And this has always been the case. And I think some people are surprised that de Blasio is one of those people making those deals. But as it turns out, he's one of the better deal makers," Savan said. 

To hear a full interview with Leslie Savan, click audio above.