Today in Politics: Despite Sandy Attacks Christie Still Has Big Lead

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A week from election day Gov. Chris Christie is trouncing his Democratic opponent, Barbara Buono.

But Buono says Christie has been using Sandy to bolster his candidacy. She is even charging that he used a television ad campaign funded by Sandy aid money to help bolster his ratings. Those charges aren't gaining traction though, even in a state that's elected many Democrats to statewide office.

"She has really had a hard go of trying to be present and out there and get her message out, " said New Jersey Public Radio's Managing Editor, Nancy Solomon. "And then you have Christie on TV constantly defining himself, he has so much more money in his campaign war chest and he is defining her and defining himself, she is largely left out and lagging badly in the polls."

To hear the complete interview with NJPR's Nancy Solomon click audio player above.